International Petroleum Law and Transactions (Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 2020)

Norman Nadorff was invited by Professor Owen Anderson, the book’s General Editor, to write the official review of this seminal work.

The book is an exquisitely organized and richly detailed summary of the petroleum industry and its technology, laws, economics, and agreements. As such, it serves as both a one-stop textbook for international petroleum transaction (“IPT”) courses as well as an authoritative desk guide for practitioners and policy makers. The book covers the gamut of petroleum-related technology, laws, contracts, and social issues in a logical sequence. The text is peppered with numerous graphs, excerpts, tables and useful internet links.

The authors, all well-known petroleum academics and practitioners, are to be commended for producing this remarkably well organized and meticulously researched book. It will surely enable scores of professors to teach thousands of students about our intriguing industry and allow countless professionals to self-enhance their knowledge and careers.

Nadorff’s full review may be viewed, and the book purchased, at the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation book store.