In December 2020, the State Council Information Office of China published a white paper titled Energy in China’s New Era. The white paper presents China’s achievements and goals in energy development and outlines the strategies, and policies for future energy reform.

People-Centered Goals – Clean Energy, Clean Living

The white paper stresses that the ultimate goal for energy development in China is to promote growth in the economy and provide benefits to people’s lives. By end of 2015, access to electricity for every citizen has already been achieved, and China aims to provide more diverse energy supply and services to all urban and rural residents. For instance, significant progress has been made in clean and green energy heating, with a 21.6% increase in clean-energy heating within 3 years in rural regions of northern China by the end of 2019. Additionally, development of poverty-stricken areas will be prioritized in the overall plan and layout of energy projects. China has implemented the strategy of rural revitalization to facilitate energy development and alleviation of poverty in rural areas. These measures complement the aim of reducing regional disparities and improving living standards for all residents.

Read this White Paper on Energy in Chinas New Era.